6 Ways to Expand Your Social Circle as an Adult for Friendship and Dating

Yes, we are run an online dating app, but online dating is not all that is to life! You better have something interesting to talk about on that first date and having a healthy social life contributes to it a lot. After all, the pictures you share on an online dating app better show some of the social activities you enjoy to create a better portrait of who you are. Well, unless you are a Dr., then you can just be boring and get a pass!


It is not only you, believe me, adulthood has a way of making it harder to find and keep friends. After finishing high school or college, most people don’t spend large amounts of time around their peers anymore, and as a result, it’s common for people to find their social circles dwindling throughout their 20s, 30s, and beyond. If you aren’t happy with your social life, there are plenty of ways to meet new people as an adult. Here are some ideas that can help you make new friends and improve the relationships you already have.

  1. Try new social activities alone

To make new friends, you’ve got to talk to new people. One good way to do this is to step outside your comfort zone and try something you’ve always wanted to do, like taking a trip by yourself or volunteering in your community. Try social dancing like any Spanish dancing if you like a fun activity which can also replace your cardio workouts at the gym. I know many people who have found amazing new friends and even their significant other through dancing. You can also try new sports, like martial arts, self-defense classes or get fancy and try fencing! But the trick is to try these alone. Don’t try to take someone with you just because you are scared of looking like a loner, you won’t, believe me. Any activity that lets you mingle with strangers is a potential way to meet new friends.

  1. Look for common grounds with others.

When you chat with someone new, try to find something you have in common with them. Ask them about their other social activities. This is an easy way to create rapport, and finding common ground helps you keep a conversation going more easily. You can connect with people over almost anything – for instance, maybe you’re from the same state, you both enjoy similar music, or you work in the same industry or enjoy a certain type of art or sports.

  1. Extend a low-pressure invitation.

If you want to befriend someone, ask them to go somewhere or do something with you. If you already found something that you both enjoy like watching certain sports or going to a certain concert just ask them to go to the concert together. Keep it casual, and don’t pressure the other person to say yes. This is an effective tactic because it lets you gauge the other person’s interest in getting to know you while giving the other person an easy out if they aren’t interested in becoming friends. However, let’s not confuse dating and friendship, if you are interested in someone as a potential date just be upfront about it and ask them out directly.

  1. Be giving.

A good way to deepen your relationships is to show other people that you care about them. To do this, look at how you can add value to your friends’ and acquaintances’ lives. Don’t measure this in terms of monetary value – your time and emotional support are often worth more to the people around you. Something as small as bringing your coworker a cup of tea when she’s upset or offering to watch your yoga buddy’s dog while she’s out of town will make a big impression on others. Just be careful not to let people take advantage of you, since healthy relationships require both people to contribute.

  1. Stay in touch.

Most of the time, friendships don’t end with a dramatic fight – they just fizzle out quietly when both friends stop making time for each other. It takes some work to prevent this from happening, especially if you’re busy, but preserving strong friendships is worth the hassle. A good rule of thumb is to contact your friends at least once every two weeks, even if you’re only sending a quick text to say hi. Of course, spending time together in person is even better.

  1. Revive old friendships.

If you’re like most people, you’ve fallen out of touch with a few friends over the years. Chances are, those people haven’t forgotten about you, and they’d welcome the chance to talk to you again. Even if they’ve changed or moved on since you last spoke, you can’t lose anything by picking up the phone or sending them an email. Don’t assume they would have already contacted you if they wanted to talk, either. Making the first move is hard, so most people wait for someone else to do it, don’t be most people.

The quality of your friendships has a big impact on your overall well-being and personality. Being good socially also requires some practice like any other activity. So don’t neglect your social life as you navigate adulthood. You might even have to make it part of your weekly schedule to actively look to expand your social circle. If making new friends is hard for you, keep in mind that plenty of other people wish they had more friends, too. You might be surprised at how well-received you are when you start reaching out to others.

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How to Create an Online Dating Profile That Attracts What You Want

If you have decided to try online dating, you’re not alone. Many couples today will tell you that they met online, especially couples that are older and not into the traditional dating scene such as bars and club which in most cases won’t work anyways. Don’t panic, start with a simple, honest description of yourself and your interests and your dating profile will evolve over time. As you begin to see who is responding to your profile, you will see the need to make changes to stop attracting the wrong people. Again, your profile should be honest, include recent pictures, and be specific about you want and don’t want in your life and future. Here are few short tips to help you start.

The Pictures on Your Profile Matter

You already know that your pictures on your dating profile make a big difference. This is where honesty comes in. Make sure to use up to date photos, you are not who you were 2 years ago, we all change and improve, your hair looks different, your style is different, and I am sure you are a better your person overall, show this person not the old you. Also, make sure to share pictures that don’t only focus on your looks but also showcase the activities you enjoy. Each picture should tell a unique story about you and give the other people a chance to start a meaningful conversation, maybe a picture of you dancing, mountain claiming, doing a sports activity of your liking or any other activity you enjoy.

Images Should be of You, and Only You

Any images that you share in an online profile should be of you only. While you may want to share images of you among your friends and family, keep it simple for those looking at your profile. You don’t want a picture of you and three friends, which may confuse someone also they may not want their pictures to be shared online, so respect their privacy. Keep your friends, family, and children out of your dating profile and save those pictures for when you get to know someone better.

Answer Questions Honestly

If Christianity matters to you, don’t be afraid to say so. If you have strong political opinions, make that clear. If you’ve only been separated from your spouse a few months, don’t hide it. The more honest you are with any profile questions, the more people will get to know the real you. Some people are hesitant to provide such clarity about their beliefs, afraid they will turn off potential dates. This is exactly why you should be brutally honest, to avoid going on a date with someone who will be turned off by your authentic self, don’t waste your time on dates that don’t go anywhere. Dates that lead to nowhere make you frustrated with online dating while you could simply avoid them by being clear about what you want and who you are.

The Best Matches for Your Online Dating Profile

Once you answer enough questions and you are clear about your intentions, you should be ready to start meeting people. If you set up a date with someone, take a careful look at their profile. Mentally take notes on what they present about who they are. Again, you can see a lot about a person by the type of images they share and their description. When you go on the date, you should consider what their dating profile says and match it with who they are in real life. While you may be brutally honest, this doesn’t mean everyone else is going to be. If you see inconsistencies right away, move on. However, if you notice that things don’t add up don’t be hesitant to clear things up right away. I am not saying be paranoid and act like a detective, but make sure you are spending time with a person who is as clear and honest about who they are as you.

Online dating can be very frustrating or at the same time very rewarding depending on how you set up your profile and whom you chose to go on a date with and whom to avoid. Now go ahead and good luck finding that special person.

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